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Free shipping (30 to 55 Day ) Express Shipping normally 7 to 15 day. 

for more details please contact our team.

it’s two part’s :

1- General Part ( Please check terms and conditions page )

2- Per product terms 

if you can’t find answer for specific product so follow General part also you can contact Eltkia team through chat or contact form and we are so happy to help you.

Just contact Eltkia team with new details before shipping then we can change it fast.

Tracking is available According to your Shipping choose, 

1- Free shipping normally use normal post office so tracking is not available at most of cases

2- Express shipping, Tracking number we send to you so you can track through shipping company such as DHL also you can tracking through (My Account) after order shipping start.

Please contact us Immediately so we can check and try resolve it fast. it’s more easy to solve in case you use express Shipping.

We are Shipping to almost all of the world except countries which have suddenly impact or rules ban it.

It’s depends type of product, normally it’s announced at product page.

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